Is a Doctorate in Your Future?

Librarians are positioned to serve as innovative leaders. We lead by teaching critical thinking skills and providing equitable access to information, resources, and instruction within our communities. As practitioners of lifelong learning we attend (and deliver) professional development throughout our careers. What if your next step in learning led to a new title?

The director of Plymouth’s Doctor of Education (EdD) program collaborated with the director of our Library Media and Digital Learning Specialist programs to design a Masters-to-Doctorate track specifically for MEd, MLS, and MSIS candidates.

The program is tailored specifically for you based on your expertise in the areas of organizing information, collaborating with instructors, and integrating technology across the curriculum. We have carefully selected courses to address your unique experience and perspective.

Read about the Library Media/Digital Learning Specialist Masters-to-Doctorate track by clicking the button below.

When you are ready, the next step is to join a cohort on a collaborative path to completing your doctorate. You will work closely with faculty and colleagues on developing a community of scholars environment in which you will engage in critical inquiry, focused scholarship, and applied research culminating in the publication of a doctoral dissertation. This process will prepare you to serve as a change agent and system leader in your community.

Our world needs more educational leaders like you to complete and share the compelling research that supports why school librarians and digital learning specialist matter in the education of the next generation of students.

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For more information about these programs please contact:

Dr. Marcel LeBrun, Director of the EdD program,

Dr. Pam Harland, Director of the LMS/DLC program,