What Does an Online Course Look Like at PSU?

Whether you are taking a library media class or a research design class, PSU uses Moodle to collect, organize, and deliver courses to students. Watch this video or read on to find out more information about online classes at Plymouth State.

Once you register for an online class, you will log into your MyPlymouth account and select the tab that says “myCourses” at the top of the green bar.

Your course will appear in the box called “Courses I’m Enrolled In.” When your course title is black, it is not yet open. A week or so before your course start date, the course title will turn blue indicating it is open.

When you click on an open course title, the link will open the course Moodle. Each course has a syllabus, a section for announcements from your instructors, and a place to pose course questions. Every course at PSU is different, but the Library Media and Technology Integration courses are all set up similarly.

Each week there will be videos to watch, articles to read, and links to review as well as a discussion prompt. After doing the viewings, readings, and reviewing all materials for the week, you will compose a response to the discussion prompt and add it to the discussion dialog for that week. You will also read through your colleagues’ discussions and reply to two of them.

You may have additional assignments, projects, activities to complete depending on the course.

You will need a digital device like a laptop, computer, or iPad. Other than that, you do not need additional software, hardware, or subscriptions. We provide you with everything you need. In fact, most of our classes do not even require you to purchase a textbook. We generally use Open Educational Resources (OERs). OERs are instructional resources created and shared in ways so that more people have access to them. That’s a different model than traditionally-copyrighted materials.



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