The Library Leadership Program

We are pleased to announce the Library Leadership program for all current and future school librarians. This innovative program is based on the foundational belief that School Librarians are essential, integral, and transformational leaders. The program focuses on preparing school librarians as catalysts for school change and learning for the digital age.

This program centers around a five-strand framework model, plus a capstone experience designed to provide opportunities for both pre-service candidates and in-service practitioners. Our candidates will explore educational and information theory, research and methods, as well as best practice, facilitated through rich field experiences and connections with exemplary colleagues who are making strides in the development and delivery of programs and services in flexible learning environments.

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Each strand of the program provides opportunities for candidates to develop the skills to be library media specialists/school librarians who are:

  • Instructional Leaders – a focus on instruction and leadership at all levels
  • Innovators – moving from vision to action
  • Transformative Leaders – understanding the why, what, and how of technology as a tool to enhance learning and teaching and to prepare students with contemporary and future-ready skills
  • Data-Focused – use data to drive culture, school, and learning.

The five strands of this program include:

  1. Foundational Elements of School Librarianship,
  2. Instructional Leadership,
  3. Evaluation of Teaching and Learning,
  4. Development of Professional Culture,
  5. Leading Organizational Change.

The capstone experience will be an authentic, critical and participatory, action research project, important to the long-term efficacy of the school. A Bachelor’s Degree is required for admission to the program.

This competency-based program blends online learning with extended clinical experiences. The clinical experiences will include on-site and virtual experiences at grades levels K-4, 5-8, and 9-12. Candidates will work with on-site mentors and university advisors throughout their plan of study and their clinical experiences.

The classes leading to Library Media Certification are (18 credits):

  • LM 5010 Leadership & Management
  • LM 5020 Cataloging & Curation
  • LM 5030 Resource Selection & Instruction
  • LM 5040 Technology & Innovation
  • LM 5300 Advanced Children’s & YA Literature
  • LM 5210 Practicum in Library Leadership

In order to earn a Master’s in Education, candidates must demonstrate competency in the Master’s Core component, complete the 18 credit library media component (above), and an additional 6 elective credits, totaling 33 graduate credits.

The program is also offered as a dual certification in Library Media and Digital Learning.

The program benefits from the active input of a National Advisory Board comprised of highly regarded practitioners in the fields of school librarianship, educator preparation, competency-based education, student-centered learning, and technology integration. They have shared their collective knowledge, ideas and insights to ensure that we provide learning experiences and opportunities that prepare school librarian leaders who are forward-thinking, future–ready and who work with students, teachers, staff, administrators, elected officials, parents, and community members to transform learning in their school and district.

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