ETI Internship

The internship is to provide you with a supervised field experience in a school. The purpose is to gain meaningful work experience through applying knowledge learned in previous course work to the on-the-job situation. Commitment includes 120 hours (90 hours at one level, 30 hours at an alternate level).

Internship Requirements

  1. Pass Technology Integrator Exam (you will be provided with the questions and answers for studying prior to the exam).
  2. Coordinate final plans with PSU Advisor and Mentor to complete your ePortfolio.
  3. Complete Student Learning Project, log, and Reflective Essay.
  4. Develop and deliverĀ a Professional Development presentation.
  5. Complete Technology Integrator Evaluation with your mentor.


Three Steps

  1. Choose a mentor to work with. Find someone who is willing to work with you for one semester on gaining the practical knowledge of serving as an ETI in a school. If you need help finding a mentor, I may be able to help. Please let me know where you are located.
  2. Complete the paperwork with our Office of Educator Prep.
  3. Register for a 3 credit internship: CE 5960. You will need my digital signature to approve your internship. Let me know before you register and I will sign-off on it.

For more information about the ETIĀ Program, please contact:

Pam Harland
Program Coordinator
Plymouth State University, Department of Education Leadership Learning & Curriculum