Completing Your ePortfolio


In the LMS and DLS programs we are helping you to develop into innovative, passionate, and competent professionals. We want you to use your ePortfolio to show off your professional successes using authentic examples of work that showcase your achievement and passions. 

We encourage you to make this ePortfolio a valuable resource moving forward: not simply a checkbox on your planning guide. How can your ePortfolio represent you and all you have learned? Here are some suggestions:

Be Creative
In order to share your passion and values, your ePortfolio needs your personal touch. You may want to use a different tool (check out this list of possible ePortfolio tools). Customize your colors, pictures, and layout.

Use Interesting Evidence
Find work that demonstrates what you are good at and what you care about as an educator. Throughout your program you will receive suggestions from your instructors on what to include in your portfolio, but these are simply suggestions. This is your ePortfolio. We want you to choose how you demonstrate your competence. Show us what you know by sharing videos, lesson plans, tweets, projects, photographs, illustrations, booklists, notes from students, and papers you have written. The sky is the limit. Actually, there is no limit!

Be Reflective
One of the goals for compiling an ePortfolio is to provide you an opportunity to reflect on what you have accomplished in your classes, training, practice, and field experience. Think about how the evidence you select meets the standards and describe that in your own words. What might you do differently if you could do it again? What do you especially like about the evidence you have compiled?

Make it Relevant
It’s important to me that your ePortfolio remain a vital part of your professional career. You will continue to learn and will want a place to share your successes and reflections on your learning process. An ePortfolio is a crucial tool to assist you in sharing your professional accomplishments with an authentic audience. Think of it as a digital resume!

Align it to the Standards
If you are in the Library Media Specialist program use the five AASL Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians:

  1. The Learner and Learning
  2. Planning for Instruction
  3. Knowledge and Application of Content
  4. Organization and Access
  5. Leadership, Advocacy, and Professional Responsibility

If you are in the Digital Learning Specialist program use NH’s five Digital Learning Specialist (508.08) Preparation Standards:

  1. Digital Designer
  2. Digital Learner
  3. Digital Citizen
  4. Collaborative Coach
  5. Visionary Leader

The ePortfolio is completed, peer-reviewed, and assessed during the final Practicum/Internship course. This is the final ePortfolio assessment and rubric

All of our classes will provide you with suggested artifacts for upload. We have a shared document with a list of artifacts by class here. In your final portfolio you can also use artifacts that you developed in your practice (they do not have to be exclusively from coursework).

Finally, here is a sample completed ePortfolio to look at. She completed the dual certification, so you can just look at her Library Media pages.

Take the Class
Register for CE 5140 ePortfolio Development and Assessment – where we will help you to set up your own professional ePortfolio. Let me know if you have questions about our ePortfolio requirements.

Contact: Pam Harland